Thank you for joining the hundreds of thousands of visitors—families and friends alike—who enjoyed the fantastic new additions at Expo Québec. You helped make the 102nd edition a huge success! Next year’s program promises to be just as jam-packed with thrilling activities—see you in 2014!

Get ready, Québec City! From August 16 to 25 this year, Expo Québec will be better than ever. To give you an unforgettable experience, we’ve added new content packed with adrenaline, fun, excitement, and challenges. With all the exciting activities, electrifying shows, and exhilarating rides on the menu, we’re serving up a feast of fun for visitors of all ages. And as if that wasn’t enough, Expo Québec is offering even more. One single price gets you unlimited access to the site, shows, and rides. Act now and buy your passport in advance. Expo Québec 2013: a blast of novelties!

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